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Are You Taking Care of You?

By Larry Clark | August 3, 2018

As the school year fast approaches, let’s make sure self-care stays a top priority.  When you stop to think about the impact that being a music teacher has on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, do you take care of yourself enough? Do you have a plan in place to take better care of yourself…

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To Be Fair; You Aren’t Just Their Teacher

By Tyler Arcari | August 2, 2018

Hello to all my favorite band warriors out there! I was sitting around this weekend watching all of the “back to school” posts from my former colleagues in education and I began reminiscing about my time in the classroom. You are probably about to go to all sorts of professional development “institute” days that will…

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And Now Comes the Hard Part!

By Larry Clark | June 1, 2018

Here are seven steps from an article I recently read on how to start your own publishing company: 1. Decide on a business name. Your business name will be the name of your publishing company. Check 2. Decide on a business structure. Check 3. Register your business. Check 4. Open a checking account. Check 5.…

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